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Study: Love Makes Life Sweeter

Love: it’s what we spend months, years or even our whole lives trying to find. A great love has the ability to bring happiness and a certain brightness to our lives. But guess what? It also makes life sweeter…literally. A s...
by Elisa Freese


Dating Coast to Coast: Which State is the Friskiest?

Business Insider recently conducted a study of 1,600 singles across the United States to see how dating is viewed in different parts of the country. An interesting part of this survey was that Business Insider wanted to see if ...
by Elisa Freese


Back To School Series: Balancing Your Relationship and School

With school started back up again, you might be facing a lot of new responsibilities. Your schedule isn’t as flexible as it used to be and suddenly your success has to do entirely with time management. Obviously your scho...
by Elizabeth Monsoor