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November 27, 2013

Online Dating: A Review of Four Sites

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With all of the dating / relationship sites out there, and all of the single people out there…it seems rather safe to say that anyone with Internet access has created at least one profile on one of the websites at some point in time.  I have used a few free websites for several years, and will shed some personal light on using them.  Online dating sites I have personally used and will compare are OKCupid, POF (Plenty of Fish), Craigslist and eVow.  All four dating sites have free accounts with the option of paying a fee for more options.

I have used OKCupid the least, as I just heard about it in September of this year.  That being stated, I have had the most success in meeting women face-to-face on this website; in the two months I have been using this website I have met five women.  There is a fairly lengthy profile with various categories to fill in such as: “My self-summary, What I’m doing with my life, I’m really good at,” and more…  Some people choose not fill in all of the sections, or do so briefly.  Personally, I find these profiles boring, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  There are also the more practical details of life listed, such as job, education, pets, astrological sign and religion, as well as listing how important some items are (ie. Catholic and it doesn’t matter, or Buddhist and it matters a lot).  In addition to the profile, you are also encouraged to answer many other random questions ranging in topics from sex to teeth brushing habits…the more you answer, the more you can be better matched with other people.  If you are too shy to message someone you are interested in, or not sure what to say but want to throw the line out to someone, you can rate their profile high, and the system will send them a message telling them you rated them highly.  (You are also mailed a message if someone rates your profile high.)  In addition, if someone looks at your profile who matches you well, the system sends you a message.  OKCupid is very user-friendly, very progressive with finding you matches and tends to have a high rate of meeting people in real life.

I have used to POF on and off for about seven years (back when it was ONLY known as Plenty of Fish).  The profiles on POF are much simpler, and much less revealing about who a person is.  There are a few practical details such as pets, job, education, etc., and only a COUPLE categories to fill in such as: “About…, and Fist Date.”  An extended profile on POF almost seems lackluster compared to a profile on OKCupid.  There are no matching resources, no rating system, and no messages except for occasional match reports.  Though it seems rather antiquated, it is still possible to meet up with people from this website.  Over the seven years I have been using this website, I have met about 15-20 from it.  In comparison to meeting people from OKCupid, when you meet someone off of POF you know MUCH LESS about each other at the first meeting.

eVow is a spinoff of POF, but intended ONLY for people seeking a relationship.  In fact, in the signup portion, if you indicate that you are not seriously looking for a relationship you cannot join.  This website is just around one year old, and I have been looking occasionally, and participating somewhat.  I have not met one person off of eVow, however I have had a few great messages.  Since it is a spinoff of POF, it stands to reason that the format of profiles is almost identical.  There are a few practical details and two open-ended sections: “In My Own Words; First Date.”  POF and eVow are both laden with pictures…which is a good thing, but without much more substance than that.  Again there is no matching system like on OKCupid…you just get a match report occasionally.

Craigslist…is Craigslist.  There are no profiles, no matching, and people who post ads on Craigslist very rarely post pictures in their initial post.  Just like in selling a computer or bicycle, you simply write an ad about who you are and what you are looking for.  With all the scammers on Craigslist nowadays there are fewer and fewer singles ads posted, but they are in fact still being posted.  Over the span of about five years, I have met three women from placing an ad on Craigslist.  The main thing about Craigslist and the Internet in general, if you are going to meet someone in real life who you met online, be smart about it!  Essentially you are setting up your own blind date and should act as so.  Have fun and good luck!

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