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Indoor Winter Dates

With the harsh winter weather, it can be difficult to plan dates when all you really want to do is curl up in your bed until the sun returns and the temperatures warm up again. While this is  one way to wait out the storms, it...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


5 Great Movies to Cuddle Up with on Valentine’s Day

For couples who enjoy staying at home with popcorn and blankets: my top 5 suggestions for movies to watch this Valentine’s Day. 5. The Princess Bride (1987 ) You have either never heard of The Princess Bride or are a dieh...
by JP Miller



Fun Weeknight Activities for Couples

It’s Monday! So exciting! Just kidding, I know Mondays are the worst. And after work, you may be looking for a little rest and relaxation with your significant other tonight. But before you turn on the TV, ask yourself, are t...
by Lauren Volpe



Pick a First Date Spot She’ll Love

Dear Most Brave Girl, I’m taking a girl out to dinner for the first time this weekend but I don’t know too much about her. What is the perfect first date spot for us? Regards, Strange Ranger Dater Dear SRD, Besides practica...
by Most Brave Girl


Date Nights Getting Predictable? 5 Interesting Date Ideas to Mix It Up

Guest Post by Brionna Kennedy Date nights are important opportunities to escape the grind of everyday life to focus on your significant other. However, sometimes date nights get stuck in a routine and need some effort and creat...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters