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The Reason Your Friends Hate Your Guy

In a perfect world, you’ve met Prince Charming, your friends and family love him, you’ll get married, and you can eat all the chocolate you want without gaining weight. In real life, your friends hate your man and think...
by Christina Scribner

Make that Break Up Happen

How to Make That Break Up Happen

Everyone has been in a relationship that they know the have to end. And everyone has stalled a for a little longer than they should have ending it. But putting off the break up just makes things weird and people get hurt, so st...
by Amanda Juarez


dating a younger man

The Guide to Dating a Younger Man

There’s nothing wrong with a woman dating a younger man. Nowadays more and more couples are ignoring the age difference stigma. If you find a man that  happens to be younger, but who also fills you with passion, understa...
by Amanda Juarez



Dating Tips for Introverts

Dating can be tough sometimes. It can also be a lot of work. Extroverts seem to have a easier time with dating, but us introverts may actually dread socializing with new people. It’s hard being an introvert in the dating ...
by Elisa Freese


Exercise For Your Relationship

With the new year about to start, there will be many promises of what everyone will do for New Years Resolutions, with exercise being at the top of that list. Every year those good intentions go down the drain after the excitem...
by Amanda Juarez