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Make that Break Up Happen

How to Make That Break Up Happen

Everyone has been in a relationship that they know the have to end. And everyone has stalled a for a little longer than they should have ending it. But putting off the break up just makes things weird and people get hurt, so st...
by Amanda Juarez


How to Find a Date

We live in an information age. We are always logged on, texting, calling, emailing and Facebooking. We Skype, we blog, we chat and we search. We turn to the internet to find love and to find jobs, to reconnect with old friends ...
by Tiffany Jones



If You Wanna Be My Lover…

If there is one thing I have learned through the trials and tribulations of having a serious relationship, it would be that a major red flag is when your friends do not get along with your boyfriend. I believe that your close f...
by Aliza Chudnow



Long Distance: Making It Work

He tells you he got a job offer across the country. Then he says, “…and he’s probably going to take it.” Your excitement disappears and brings on the tears, what does that mean for your relationship? Is he breaking up w...
by Kelsey Gibbons


Should You Date Your Ex?

It always seems like some cruel joke brought by the universe at your expense when an ex contacts you as soon as you are finally over them. While nothing good usually comes from this person making a reappearance in your life, we...
by Elizabeth Monsoor