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3 Dating Promises You Have to Make to Yourself

With the new year comes new resolutions, or, if you don’t make resolutions, simply the re-evaluation of the various aspects of your life. Maybe you’ll choose to look at your love life specifically. You may find yourself...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Making Your Different Lifestyles Work Together

We all live our own unique lifestyles. This may be because this is how we were raised, or our passion or career requires living this way, or it simply works for us. Whatever the reason, our own personal lifestyle choices are pa...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



Would You Let Your Friend Hook Up With Your Brother?

Oddly enough, this should be one of the ten Girl Code commandments that should not be broken, but in any case it happens.  A lot. Depending on how close you are to your brother, if your friend is interested, she has to respect...
by Tracey Fuller



Could You Be Breaking Your Own Heart?

Could you be breaking your own heart without even knowing? Are you constantly searching for a magic “something” that no real human can live up to? Maybe you aren’t comfortable in your own life, so you live for the person ...
by Christina Scribner

online dating success

Online Dating Success

Invest in a paid membership To really succeed at online dating, you should invest in a paid membership. Free memberships and trial memberships are good when you are trying to find the online dating service that will best match...
by Anna Karimo