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Learn a Thing or Two from Your Favorite Celebrity Power Couples

While many celebrity power couples spend most of their time in the spotlight, it’s not very common for regular people to look at them as models for a relationship, most likely because we simply can’t relate or even ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Time Travel In Love?

The new rom com starring Rachel McAdams, About Time, begs the question of—if you could—would you go back and change past events in your love life? Here are some of pros and cons you may encounter if you were able to do some...
by Laura Baines



Lucky in Lotto, Unlucky in Love

Guest Post by Howard Iken Most people have heard the well-worn phrase, “Money can’t buy happiness,” but there are valid points on both sides of the argument. The truth is that money can either buy happiness or it can buy ...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters



Potential Relationship Issues? A Triple Whammy!

Everyone has heard of the potential relationship issues when it comes to the workplace, long-distance and an age gap…but what about combining all three?!  My most recent relationship was all three, and after the experiences ...
by Chris Brown


3 Blind Dates

Are you single and looking for something to do on the weekends? Grab some of your girlfriends to go see the next “3 Blind Dates” Comedy Show Friday, October 11th! Reserve your seats now for tomorrow’s show! I...
by Laura Baines