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Find Your Love

Take Charge If 2012 was a hard year and you’re ready for a change then read on. Perhaps Cupid’s favor didn’t strike the way you hoped; so now it’s time to take the bow and arrows of passion in your own hands and c...
by JP Miller


Foot Fetish

You’ve heard of many different kinds of fetishes. They are as diverse as they are unending. But none of them are as popular as The Feet! Some guys are obsessed with feet – either massaging them or admiring them. But most gu...
by Samantha Daniel



What Guys Like About You

If you’re dating a new guy, chances are he’s been admiring these charming habits of yours. Here’s the secret list of what guys like the most about you. 1. He loves when you really laugh, like a big, stupid belly laugh tha...
by Most Brave Girl



Do’s and Don’ts of Bar Dating

After years of working in the bar scene I have seen a number of things. Blind dates, relationship quarrels over too many drinks and the rare occasion when two people get together for a peaceful nightcap, to name a few. Bars are...
by Marissa Barten

the woman you want

The Woman You Want?

What kind of woman you want? Men like to help or save women in order to get affection from her, especially if she is physically desirable to him. Just as woman wants a man who is in control of his life, you don’t need a ...
by Anna Karimo