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Don’t Be Bitter

When you’re single, it’s easy to fall into a state of bitterness about love. Being single means that sometimes you’re going to be on your own, and that can feel very lonely. You might feel unlovable, like you&...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


How to Deal When You Run Into Your Ex in 5 Simple Steps

We’ve all been there: Checking out the produce at the grocery store, or popping in to grab a coffee to-go, and bam! We run smack into our ex. And while it might make you want to run screaming for the hills rather than face th...
by Lauren Volpe



What’s the Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight? Couple Up!

Guest Post by Rod Devreese Gaining weight is associated with aging and many other factors. That’s why people, especially married couples, start gaining weight as they grow old together. Reducing weight should be the commo...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters



Still Haven’t Lost Your Virginity?

If you’re a virgin older than 19 or 20, you might feel a little awkward. Most of your friends probably lost their v-card in high school, leaving you sitting there feeling like the lone prude weirdo of the world. You probably ...
by Laura Baines


Do You Make Enough Time For Yourself?

Recently, my life has become pretty hectic. School  is in full swing and I received a very exciting job opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. While everything has been going well, I’ve also been struggling with the pani...
by Elizabeth Monsoor