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Self Confidence

Pain is inevitable in love. Like kinetic energy, there seems to be an equal amount of reaction to pain in relationships, as there is to love that grows during it. Some people may be timid of involving themselves in the dating...
by Samantha Daniel


Anxiety About Dating

Dating looks relaxing when you’re on the outside peeking in. If you feel anxiety or trapped in your own relationship, the supposed freedom and ease of those enjoying the dating world is something you might long to experience....
by Anna Karimo



How to Deal with an Unsupportive Partner

One of the hardest things to deal with when you’re in a relationship is an unsupportive  partner. It’s difficult to constantly give so much of yourself, allowing yourself to be vulnerable to one person and then be ...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



Dating a Coworker: Do or Don’t?

Some people say you should never date a coworker. Others say it’s good to date someone who works in your field because it means you share something in common. Personally, I think each case is different depending on the ci...
by Claudia Alpert

where to meet women

Where to Meet Women

Where you meet a woman has the power to define the rest of your relationship. This is true because of three things: First, because where a woman spends most of her time says a lot about the kind of person she is. You can recogn...
by Anna Karimo