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What I’ve Learned About Dating in Your Mid-Twenties

Guest Post by Sara LeProwse It’s fucking hard. There’s a million ways you can meet new people these days. There are the old ways, meeting a friend-of-a-friend, falling in “love” at a bar, or catching the eye of the smar...
by Nouveau Dating Reporters

5 Tips to Date a Trekkie

5 Tips to Date a Trekkie

Have you recently entered the Trek fandom and fallen in love with it? Maybe you’re convinced that you want a partner from the Trek world, or you’ve just met someone who calls themselves a Trekkie and need to find ou...
by Amanda Juarez



In The Age Of Internet, Is Cyber Sex Cheating?

In the past, the question of what qualified as cheating in a relationship was pretty clear. If an individual in a relationship had connected emotionally, physically, or  both, with someone other than their significant other, t...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



New Study Reveals What Americans Really Think of Online Dating

Raise your hand if you know someone who’s tried online dating. My bet is many, if not all, of you know a friend or relative that has tried it with varying degrees of success. For a while, online dating was getting a bad r...
by Elisa Freese


Why You Shouldn’t Be Facebook Official

It has come to my attention that my generation believes if a relationship is not “Facebook official,” then the relationship is not real. This means that if the “in a relationship” box is not checked off ...
by Christy Goldstein