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Dating Feature: Lulu

What seems to be the new trend in dating theses days? Stemming from our ultra curious social networking selves… new dating apps for your smart phone seem to be all the rage! Hey ladies, check out the Lulu app to asses your gu...
by Kelsey Gibbons


The Basic Rules of Online Dating

Online dating has become a very normal thing. It’s no longer just for middle-aged divorcees. Many people have found the person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with on an online dating site. However, if you...
by Claudia Alpert



Dating the Opposite

You meet a guy online that is not your type. But, he is easygoing, somewhat attractive, makes legit plans with you, and basically treats you how you have always dreamed. The only thing is, you’re just not that into him. In ma...
by Tracey Fuller



Dating Profile

Your online dating profile says a lot about you. It’s the first impression you give prospective dates, so you want it to be good. It’s important that you don’t give too much information away (your home address, for ex...
by Sushi Krishnan

online dating donts

Online Dating Don’ts

To really get the most out of online dating, here are some tips and advice for online dating dont’s. Being too shy or lazy Many people think that online dating is a wonderful way for people who are shy to find someone to ...
by Anna Karimo