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When to Get Married?

As a young woman shy of her 24th birthday, I had some reservations about making it official with the love of my life. Before I was legally able to drink, I had been given 4 marriage proposals by three different guys. I also had...
by Kate Kishel


Successful Relationships: What Makes Them Last Part 2

If we ever need help with our relationship, there are always places we can look for inspiration. Some of these places are the successful, long-lasting relationships around us. By simply observing these couples, we can learn a l...
by Elizabeth Monsoor



5 Signs You’re Falling in Love

So you met a great guy or girl and have been dating for a while. You care a lot about this person and now a 4 letter word currently looms above your head: L-O-V-E. Is it love? Have your feelings since that first meeting finally...
by Elisa Freese



Successful Relationships: What Makes Them Last Part 1

What makes a successful relationship? Most of us have probably asked ourselves this question as we have tried to figure out how to date successfully and then move on to consider a longer commitment. While movies tend to give u...
by Elizabeth Monsoor


Take Responsibility in Your Relationship

Part of being an adult is knowing how and when you need to take responsibility for your actions. This is especially important in your relationship because when you choose to instead hide behind excuses and blame someone or som...
by Elizabeth Monsoor