Anna Karimo Founder of Nouveau Dating

Anna Karimo Relationship Dating Expert

Anna Karimo is the founder and CEO of Nouveau Dating. She is an International Relationship expert as well as a dating coach, motivational speaker, and prolific author. Additionally, she has appeared in the media and earned her title as “Most Experienced Dating Coach” after owning what was formerly the largest dating service in Colorado.

Since 1998, Anna has been successfully coaching thousands of people. Her expertise is driven partially by her own relationships, marriage, and life as a mother, but mostly by helping over 6,159  single people find love. Anna sold her dating service in 2008 and now dedicates her time to helping people find long lasting championships. She is determined to teach them how to keep those relationships fun and exciting as well as challenging and rewarding.

Her hobbies are golf, ski, yoga, working out, tango, and lindy hop. She values her family and friends the most. For more information about Anna:

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