Thanks for your interest in guest posting for Nouveau Dating! Here are the guidelines for all guest posts:

All of your posts must be 100% original and unique to Nouveau Dating. You can’t post an article on Nouveau Dating that has been or will be posted on any other website.

You can write on any topic related to love, dating, sex or relationships. Topics that are trendy and popular are greatly encouraged. Look at all of our articles to get a feel for the tone of the site. Feel free to reference celebrity relationships (or divorces, affairs, etc) or notable current events.

NOTE: Nouveau Dating is not a diary-style blog. The most effective articles are either informative (bringing light to an issue that many daters might have) or advice-driven (here’s how to deal with a common dating problem). You may use anecdotes but please do not submit anything related to your own personal dating experiences unless you can be brief and relate them to a much larger issue that fits with the content of our site. Writers are encouraged to create the strongest articles possible which many times means forgoing the use of the first person point of view.

If you would like to represent a different topic on Nouveau Dating, you must put a romantic spin on your article. You must focus your article as much on love, dating, sex or relationships as you do on your supplementary theme (ex: “Lose Weight to Date,” “Best Sex Playlists,” “Infidelity in Hollywood,” or “What to Wear on a Date”). If you make your article relevant to our readers, we will accept the following themes:

  • Entertainment/Celebrities
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Weight Loss/Diet
  • Health/Fitness
  • Self-Improvement
  • Money
  • Tourism

Your article should be visually appealing and easy-to-read. Use subheadings (in bold) to break up your article. Lists are great, but don’t use them unless it’s necessary to your article (ex: number your paragraphs if you’re writing “The Top 3 Reasons to Dump Somebody”). Please always use the digit (3) instead of the word (three) if there’s a number in your title.

Please proofread your article for typos and content errors. We encourage you to have someone else read your article before you submit it to double-check for mistakes.

NOTE: Nouveau Dating reserves the right to copy-edit and modify your article at the editors’ discretion. Any significant changes to the content will be discussed with you.

Give your article a snappy, clickable title. Make sure it’s something YOU would click on. Hints of mystery, secrets, sexiness and scandal are good, but avoid being over-dramatic. Nouveau Dating editors reserve the right to modify or change your title.

The Nouveau Dating editors will choose a photograph to accompany your article. You do not need to submit one.

Word Count
Articles should be between 450-650 words. We will not accept submissions below 450 words. We are open to suggestions for recurring columns.

No Promotional Copy
Nouveau Dating will not accept submissions composed of promotional copy. If you’re interested in advertising on our page, please contact

You may put links in the body of your article but they may NOT be obviously promotional. They must be for reference (or comedic/dramatic value) ONLY. In addition, please include a short biography about yourself which can include up to three links of your choice. The links in your biography may be links to your website, blog, Twitter handle, Instagram feed, Facebook page or any other relevant article or dating website.

Once your article is complete, send it to for approval. Please use “Guest Post” as the subject of your email.

NOTE: Submitting a guest post does NOT guarantee its publication. Unless you receive approval from the Executive Editorial Director, your article will not posted.

We appreciate your contribution. Thank you for sharing your expertise with Nouveau Daters!